E-Type Slow Speed 3+1 Promo Bundle


The following models are 100% compatible with NSK, Brasseler, KaVo, W&H and similar E-Type motors.

  • Accepts all style latch-type burs Ø2.35 mm
  • Removable heads for ease of disinfection and lubrication
  • Lightweight aluminum body for greater comfort
  • Field repairable, which means easy head replacement
  • 180 day warranty
3+1 Mix & Match plus a free 16-ounce Bio-Pure Ultrasonic Cleaner
Save $324

MSRP $324 each
Bowen Bundle Price $243 each
1600211 E-Type 1:1 Push Button Contra Angle
1600212 E-Type 4:1 Screw-Type Prophy Angle Includes prophy head, supplied with snap-on button for easy chairside conversion from screw-type to snap-on prophy cups

Product Quantity

E-Type Push Button Contra Slow Speed

E-Type Screw-Type Prophy Angle Slow Speed