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To refresh your memory in case you’ve not familiar… handpiece repairs are Bowen’s mainstay and have been for the past 37 years.

Now—more than ever—it makes good financial sense to have Bowen Products restore your old handpiece to new condition. And if it’s time to replace your operatory equipment, we have what you need. We are Bowen, and we know handpieces.

Bowen repairs dental handpieces of most makes and models, both high and slow speed versions. We are proud of our handpiece repair heritage, offering service to a wide variety of well know manufacturers, such as A-dec, W&H, Beyes, Kavo, Midwest, NSK, Palisades Impact Air, Sabra Surgical 45, Star Dental, and Wolf. We are pleased to offer cost-effective turbines and repair parts solutions from Canadian-based Sable Industries, with warranties ranging from 120 days to 2 years. Bowen’s handpiece repair department offers free, no-obligation estimates, and in many cases same-day repair service on most high speed models. Slow speeds are typically 3 to 5 days from date of estimate approval.

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Rediscover convenience with Bowen online shopping.

Bowen’s online shopping offers a wide variety of dental repair components by DCI and Parts Warehouse, with operatory repair parts ranging from clean water systems, Bio-Pure, replacement bulbs for curing lights, to LED and halogen handpiece couplers, and over patient OP bulbs. Bowen stocks delivery system repair parts too—check valves, drive pattern blocks, master regulators and filters, brass fittings such as compression sleeve, union, tee, FPT and MPT components, poly connectors, and much more.

We also carry new foot controls and repair parts, handpiece couplers and repair kits, handpiece lubricant, hangers, holder bars, posts, trays, dental arms, light reflectors, splash shields, DCI syringes and repair parts, DCI HVE and SE vacuum valves, and a full complement of vacuum repair parts. We stock thousands of feet of dental tubing for foot control, hook-up, vacuum, syringe, non-optic, and power optic handpieces. Our valve inventory includes air actuated pilot valves, air electric switches, and so much more!

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