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Bio-Pure System Evacuation Cleaner

Bio-Pure is the #1 evacuation system cleaner, guaranteed* to improve suction performance.

Frustrated with poor operatory suction? Bio-Pure can help with two simple products!

The first product is Bio-Pure “Restore” Complete Evac System Restorative and is used over a three week period to restore vacuum suction by removing all the accumulated biofilm build-up that your chemical based cleaner didn’t get.

Once suction is restored simply switch over to the second product, Bio-Pure “Complete” Evacuation Cleaner which is used only twice weekly.

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Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner
Bio-Pure is an all natural microbial based product and uses living organisms to effectively clean your system 24/7; 1 microbe becomes 10 million in just 24 hours. Eliminates 100% biofilm plaque, prophy paste and organic debris.

Bio-Pure Between Patient “Flush”
From the makers of the #1 Evacuation System Cleaner, the all-new fast acting proprietary microbial formula specifically for flushing blood and tissue down the HVE and SE discharge lines to maintain strong and effective suction. Designed for all dental practices with an emphasis on dental surgeries, root canals and periodontics—basically any high blood producing procedures.

Bio-Pure Ultrasonic Concentrate Presoak & Cleaner
New from Bio-Pure, this 3-in-1 instrument restoration formula is specifically designed to safely remove difficult blood, tissue, proteins and contaminants from all dental hand instruments, carbide and diamond burs, dentures, bridges, orthodontic appliances, gold work, porcelain, crowns, aspirator tips, metal parts, and more.

Bio-Pure Ultrasonic Presoak & Cleaner is perfect for most types of metal autoclavable syringe tips. Prior to any form of autoclave sterilization, simply clean tips under running water with a soft brush and place in an ultrasonic bath of Bio-Pure cleaner, soak, then rinse.

Sterilization process when using a gravity displacement autoclave, wrapped, is 130°C for 15 minutes with a 30-minute drying time. Unwrapped, 130°C for 3 minutes with a 15-minute drying time.