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Handpiece repairs are our mainstay. With 36 years’ experience, no job is too big or too small.

Dental handpieces have evolved greatly over the years, and they remain a vital part of dentistry today. The care and maintenance of these instruments is essential to preserving not only their lifespan but their proper function as well. Knowing when to replace or rebuild the handpiece turbines is essential for handpiece performance and turnaround times.

If your handpiece has any of the following problems, it’s time to send it to Bowen for free, no-obligation evaluation:

  • Burs chatter or walk out of chuck
  • Low torque/cutting power, easily stalls
  • High-pitch squeal at full power
  • Turbine has 100% seized
  • Bur is stuck or broken off inside chuck
  • Water spray ports blocked or misdirected from bur
  • Water or air leak at coupler connection
  • No illumination

Why book your dental handpiece repair with Bowen? Here are the top three reasons:

Price protection.
We will continue our ongoing price freeze on all repair parts until the end of this promotion. We already know 2023 will see a number of price increases.

No job is too big or small—preventative maintenance starts at only $95 each.
Free, no-obligation repair estimates are always available prior to us servicing your dental handpiece.

Exclusive handpiece repair coupon.
Save $40 on each handpiece repair valued over $399! Please remember to include the coupon with your repair.

Schedule a Repair PickupDownload $40 Repair Coupon