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About Bowen Products

Based in beautiful British Columbia, and serving Canadian clients nationwide, Bowen Products Limited was established in 1987 by a small group of committed, experienced professionals with a passion for serving the dental community.

We understand that to succeed in this industry, we must offer consistent quality service, expert advice, a genuine appreciation of our client’s support, plus offer a wide range of quality products, along with fantastic pricing. These ideals continue to set us apart from our competitors today. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for the past 37 years!

From the very first year of opening our doors we quickly became known as “the honest guys” in the dental repair and supply industry, and we are very proud of this hard-earned reputation.

At Bowen, we respect our clients’ freedom to choose the right products and services for their practice; we offer a unique niche-market group of services, ranging from handpiece repair and sales, small equipment sales and a comprehensive dental repair component division, all geared to your specific needs and wants.

Our motto is very simple, we promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive professional personalized service and expert advice, the best quality products and the best overall pricing for your hard-earned dollar.

We are renowned for offering the best professional service. Bowen is dedicated to providing exemplary client care each and every time you deal with us. We pride ourselves on offering prompt quality service on all repairs each and every time. And remember, we are only a toll-free call away for expert advice and assistance.

As an independent dealer, we are not locked into quotas or blanket purchase orders with our vendors and manufacturers. Therefore, you will always receive an honest and unbiased evaluation and recommendation as to which services and products are best suited for your individual needs.

We set ourselves apart by working harder for you. Offering the best service, products and overall value is all done in an honest day’s work.

We practice ethical and competitive pricing every day. By keeping the full-service dealers on their toes, we know that competition results in the best possible pricing for you, our valued client. It also ensures that we are always on top of our game, with our pencils sharpened and ready for action.

We’ve always welcomed the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. I hope you find our catalogue format to be a prime example of our dedication to the niche-market we’ve established and the fact that we have always marched to the beat of a different drum!

Warm regards and my sincerest thanks for your support,

Gary Skipp

We’re all about service

Based in Abbotsford, BC we have proudly served the Canadian dental industry since 1987. At Bowen we are renowned for exceptional customer service each and every day, and treat each client as though they’re our only client—in our opinion it’s the only way to do business. Allow us to fulfil your dental office needs.

We’re all about savings

Our Bowen Bulletin is specifically geared for high and slow speed handpiece repairs and are chock full of everyday low prices on our most popular turbines. Take advantage of our discount coupon to save an extra $40 off each qualifying repair.

We’re all about integrity

We consistently offer ethical and competitive pricing each and every day, something that’s even more important during these difficult economic times.

We’re all about options

We’re proud to offer OEM turbines, plus alternative replacement options from Sable Industries, a Canadian company. Their turbines are built with super precision Myonic bearings, meet ABEC 9/ISO P2 running tolerances for reliable and quiet operation, and come with hassle-free warranties ranging from 120 days to 2 years.

We’re all about repairs

Bowen opened in 1987 strictly as a handpiece repair facility. Although we’ve greatly expanded our business model over the past 37 years, handpiece repairs are still our specialty and focus. In fact, we’re so good at it that we offer same day in-and-out service on most high speed handpiece repairs, and free, no-obligation estimates are always available. Give us a try—you won’t be disappointed.