Sable Access Pro KL / Rotamax Pro KL 3+1 Promo Bundle


Sable’s third generation high speed, the Access Pro KL and Rotamax Pro KL

  • New teardrop head design for greater visibility, available in mini or torque head sizes with KaVo coupler compatibility
  • 2 year warranty on handpiece and turbine
  • Stainless steel body with durable titanium finish
  • Latest generation, German sourced fused optics with 25,000 LUX output
  • Quadruple water spray for increased cooling efficiency
  • Redesigned turbine and suspension for quieter operation and maximum longevity
  • Push button cap redesigned to remove exhaust air more efficiently
Mix and match for savings
Save $1,184*

MSRP $1,184 each
Bowen Bundle Price $888 each
2000021 Access Pro KL KaVo-Type, mini head, 20 watts power
2000022 Rotamax Pro KL KaVo-Type, torque head, 22 watts power

*Savings based on MSRP of handpieces

Product Quantity

Sable Access Pro KL High Speed

Sable Rotamax Pro KL High Speed