Light Control Set, Fiber Optic Configuration

MSRP: CAD$496.00
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Operates 1 or 2 handpieces with an illumination delay range of 0–5 seconds

Fiber Optic Configuration

  • Accepts all 5-hole handpieces and glass rod style couplers (Midwest, KaVo, W&H, NSK, Star)
  • Sable light control board
  • Sable power transformer, 9VDC, 2.2A
  • Midwest 5-hole, 7’ straight grey tubing
  • Includes bulb, located in connector
  • Digital display and programming means regulated voltage and current for LED bulbs
  • Input power 9VDC, output power 2.5V–4VDC Factory set to 3.1VDC
  • IEC board fabrication
  • Compatible with all brands of handpieces
  • Compact size at 130mm-x-67mm-x-22mm
  • Weighs only 113g
  • 1 year warranty